The Morning Brew on Mon 9/21/20

On this week's show of The Morning Brew, our main topic we discuss is about oil and how our demand for oil has collapsed during the pandemic, as well as how our habits have changed our carbon footprint when relating to climate change. Following that in our entertainment section, we discuss about Disney's new live-action movie, Mulan, and why movie-goers and critics are harsh about the story line and political controversies. Lastly, we wanted to end on a funny note talking about the Covid-19 store located in King Of Prussia Mall!

Oil demand and how the pandemic has shaped our habits:


Covid-19 store:

Artist Title Album
Candy Claws Pangea Girls (Magic Feeling) Cares & Calypso in the Deep Time
Ghostland Observatory Stranger Lover Paparazzi Lightning
Malcolm McLaren Deep in Vogue - Introducing Lourdes & Willie Ninja Waltz Darling

The Morning Brew

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Just when you thought we couldn’t do a morning show! The Morning Brew, with DJ hosts El Barto & Miss Maddie, brings to you an hour or so of chit-chats varying from news, music and more. On top of this, you can also expect talks with guests from WKDU, as well as interviews from artists!