Where's the remote? on Thu 10/8/20

Remote edition 2

not much new stuff, but we'll be back with plenty next week

Artist Title Album New Local
Deerhoof Numina O Offend Maggie
Pet Shimmers Madonna's People Trash Earthers
Cocteau Twins Iceblink Luck
The Durutti Column Jacqueline LC
Mush Revising My Ice 3D Routine
The Fall Bombast This Nation's Saving Grace
The Flying Lizards Money B single
Alison Statton & Spike Just Us Two Bimini Twist
Chalk Circle The Slap Reflection
Slint Nosferatu Man Spiderland
Camberwell Now Working Nights The Ghost Trade
Swirlies Park the Car by the Side of the Road Blonder Tongue Audio Baton
Maneka Dracula (ft. Katie Capri) Is You Si
noah Leave It
Jim O'Rourke All Downhill From Here Insignifigance
The Lo Yo Yo All the Atrocities Extra Weapons
Dead Sullivan Breathe single
Joyer Astray Sun Into Flies
Human Music Cool Party Sup
The Sundays You're Not the Only One I Know Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
Pescado Rabioso Todos las Horas Son del Viento Artuad
Rick Cuevas The Birds single
Lily & Horn Horse Flat Crazy Republicans for Bernie
MAH KEE OH What You Said Double Negative
Valium Aggelein Interrupter Black Moon
The Spirit of the Beehive nail I couldn't bite Hypnic Jerks
bug eater chocolate Thorn Mouth
XTC Earn Enough For Us Skylarking
Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark 2nd Thought Organisation
Orange Juice Out for the Count The Orange Juice
The Millenium I Just Want to Be Your Friend Begin

Where's the (remote)?

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