Dial Error on Sun 10/11/20

In today's first hour, Dial Error is excited to feature guest DJ Ashley Hohman from South St. Louis, Missouri. Ashley is a St. Louis treasure musically and artistically - check out her screen printing work at: www.terminalclassic.com !

Archived episode: https://www.mixcloud.com/dialerror/dial-error-w-ashley-hohman-october-11...

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Honey Bane Girl on the Run You Can Be You 1979
Jane Kennaway & Strange Behaviour IOU single 1980
Shox No Turning Back single 1980
Mercenárias Há Dez Anos Passados Trashland 1988
Electric Deads Kitchen Poet Anti-Sex EP 2010 (reissue)
Dog Faced Hermans Fortune Mental Blocks For All Ages 1991
Animals & Men Terraplane Fixation Never Bought Never Sold 2008 (reissue)
The Moderates Yes to the Neutron Bomb Fetishes 1980
Send No Flowers Playing For Time single 1982
ESG Chistelle A South Bronx Story 2000
May East Maraka Outro Tempo II 2019
Anne Clark Heaven single 1985
The Passions Bachelor Girls Thirty Thousand Feet Over China 1981
Action Pact! Blue Blood Suicide Bag EP 1982
Hans-A-Plast Man of Stone Hans-A-Plast 1980
Ti-Tho Die Liebe ist ein Abenteuer single 1982
Skinned Teen Ex-Boyfriend Beat Bazooka Smooth! 1993
United State Glass Knight single 1984
Pink Industry Don’t Let Go single 1987
CC Dust Mutiny CC Dust 12" 2016
Machinations Average Inadequacy Average Inadequacy 7" 1980
Soft Cell Chips on My Shoulder Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret 1981
Crash Course in Science It Costs to Be Austere Near Marineland 1981 (2011 reissue)
From Nursery to Misery The Oak Tree The Oak Tree 1989
Y Pants That's the Way Boys Are Beat it Down 1982
The Urinals Surfin' with the Shah The Urinals 7" 1978
Max Load Wishing Machine Max Load 1979-1983 (2013 reissue)
L.A. Witch Maybe the Weather Play With Fire 2020
FRONT Alternativ Alternativ/City West 7" 1980
48 Chairs Snap It Around 70% Paranoid 1982
Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls Dream Sequence (Peel Session) Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls 1980
Moor Mother Forever Industries B Forever Industries 2020
Killing Joke Requiem Killing Joke 1980
Poison Ruïn --- Poison Ruïn 2020
Poison Ruïn Carrion Poison Ruïn 2020
Huggy Bear Pansy Twist Taking The Rough With The Smooch 1993

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