The Ghoul Disco on Mon 10/12/20

Indigenous People's Day. Celebrate & Educate.

Artist Title Album New Local
De ambassade Verwijder Jezelf Standhouden
Wax Chattels An Eye Clot
Erik Nervous &&& Assorted Anxieties
Bragolin This Grotesque Dance Into the Woords
SYZYGYX Blurred Visions Is That All There Is
Uniform Shame Shame
WALL River Mansion
Void Vision Sour Sub Rosa
Pottery Under the Wires Welcome to Bobby's Motel
Medio Mutante Corre Corre Eadum Mutata Resurgo
Windowspeak The Good Ones Plum
Oto Anyway
Special Interest All Tomorrow's Carry The Passion Of
Carl Finlow Anomoly Introspective
Echoberyl A Prey The Awakening of a Mutant Girl
Working Men's Club Be My Guest Working Men's Club
TOY Down on the Street
Institute M.P.S. Readjusting the Locks
Metronomy You Could Easily Have Me Pip Paine (Pay the $5000 You Owe)
Versari La Peur au Ventre Sous La Peau
Futurisk Lonely Streets-1982 Player Piano
Tough Age Self-Confidence Which Way am I?
Wash Incineration Don't Touch Me EP
Schtadt Zhazhda
Angel T33th Fractured
Geometric Vision Slowemotion Slowemotion
Yeenar Sinnerspit
Soviet Soviet Going Through Endless
Multiple Man Hotter than Hell New Metal

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
Monday 8-10pm
Monday 6-8pm
Monday 6-8pm
Monday 6-8pm
Tune in if you also wish you could transport to a dark-wave warehouse club somewhere in Berlin at any hour of the day.