Where's the (remote)? on Thu 11/5/20

2nd hour: guest mix from Garrett <3

Artist Title Album New Local
Pasteboard Snowsheep
Teethe Upside Down single
Spellbinder Ippolit single
So Totally Spike In The Shape Of...
The Fall Frightened Live at the Witch Trials
Jake Tobin Not Something I Want Sorta Upset
Jake Tobin Heat Rises Sorta Upset
Ohmme Mine single
Spencer Radcliffe Thick Fog Hot Spring
Clothesline From Hell Market Man single
They Are Gutting a Body of Water french Destiny XL
People I Love Lava Stadium Lucky Magic
Nina Ryser Izzy's Movie I Hope All of Your Dreams Come True
Hub Reynolds Keep on Dreaming Keep on Dreaming
Bunnydrums Smithson PKD
A Certain Ratio What's Wrong ACR Logo
Raisa K Repitition Feeder
Lonnie Liston Smith Desert Nights Expansions
Wrens Won't Get Too Far
Fish Hunt Milk
Low Over the Ocean
Duster Distance
Tex Patrello Gary
Wyatt Smith Win
Haunter Stay Close
Oro Swimming Hour Orion's Seatbelt
Marmoset Lost Days For Ways
Bedhead Bedside Table (7" version)
Maneka Tiger Baby (feat. Jordyn Blakely)
Bolomite Jr Carpel Tunnel
Eyedress Xenophobic
Sneaks Devo
Gift Wrap Losing Count
Deftones Be Quiet and Drive (Far Way)
Should Spangle

Where's the (remote)?

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