Where's the (remote)? on Thu 11/12/20

recorded from home, part 6

Artist Title Album New Local
Atypic Focus Mel Bytes
SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE The Door Is Open single
Kasra Kurt Tumbleboy Nino Tomorrow
Haha Mart After Hours Family Denim
Christina Schneider Violence ETC. Violence Etcetera
J.T. IV Waiting for the CTA Cosmic Lightening
R. Stevie Moore He's Nuts Glad Music
Psychic TV Just Like Arcadia Allegory + Self
Beirut, La Noche Ella Se Hiza Monja
Wyatt Smith Hiding Full Cirlce
Astrel K You Could If Your Can single
Pulgas Ask Alex s/t
Romantic States Cocaine Cul de Sac Ballerina
Stereolab The Light That Will Cease to Fail Super 45
Shiner Brooks 7"
Bitch Magnet Sadie (Alt Version) s/t
Charlie O'neill Fast Asleep Around a Time I Forgot
rachel getting married summer w/ the ghosts margot @ the wedding
The Faded Tapes New Song BBR #2
Eiafuawn Magnet Man everything is all fucked up
Hurl Four Feet to Infinity A Place Called Today
Pastois Counselors Probably No One The Optimal Seat
Mdou Moctar Ibitlan Ibitlan
The Cradle The Starver's Promise Temperate Lands
Ambitious Lovers Lust Lust
Lucy Break Even Cooper B Handy's Album Vol. I
22 Halo Foam 22 Degree Halo
Serena-Maneesg Leipziger Love Life - Ancient Mix S-M Backwards
Ulla Leaves and Wish Tumbling Towards a Wall

Where's the (remote)?

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