Dial Error on Sun 12/20/20

Guest DJ limewire.prime (St. Louis, MO) shares a mix of mostly deep house mix from the early 2000’s in the first hour! I follow up with a dance mix of sorts!

Check out limewire.prime's music here: https://kalebkirby.bandcamp.com/

Archived episode: https://www.mixcloud.com/dialerror/dial-error-w-limewireprime-december-2...

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Dude Energy Some Desire
Suzzanne Kraft More Desire
Saine Gravy
Suzzanne Kraft Skype
Khotin Recycle (5AM reflection mix)
MyMy Blue Skies
Tenderlonius Bob's Riddem
Darling JPS Senior
Recloose Get There Tonight
Contours Technician
M5K Ice Cold Party Jam
Metro Area Caught Up
Pablo Project Closer
Henry Wu Neezy (Wok)
Dude Energy Renee Running
Larry Heard Mystery of Love (Original Basement Mix)
Loose Joints Tell You (Today) (Original 12" Vocal) Tell You (Today) 12" 1983
The Dance Do Dada Dance For Your Dinner 7" 1980 (2003)
Delta 5 You Anticipation / You 7" 1980
Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra Abstract Dark Energy (Parable 9) Dimensional Stardust 2020
Madlib feat. Ahmad Miller & DJ Lord Such Slim's Return Shades of Blue 2003
Geneva Jacuzzi Runaway DNA Lamaze 2010
Mary Moor Pretty Day 7" single 1982
Sanullim Don't Go Late Night Tales: Khruangbin 2020
quantic degeneration Selva Selects: Thunderclaps 2020
Santigold Unstoppable Santigold 2008
SIC Voltage Control Voltage Control 7" 1979
Suicide Mr. Ray Suicide: Alan Vega · Martin Rev 1980
4" Be 2" One of the Lads One Of The Lads 7" 1979

Dial Error

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