The Morning Brew on Mon 1/11/21

This week to start the winter of The Morning Brew, in our first section we discussed about the Georgia runoff elections, the importance of them, and why they matter for the Senate. In our second section we discuss about the aftermath of these elections with the riot at Capitol Hill, and how lawmakers are responding to this event by invoking the 25th Amendment along with possible impeachment. In addition, Twitter and many other social media platforms have also suspended and/or banned President Trump from using their services indefinitely after the potential harm and violence it can cause to their users and citizens.

Runoff elections:

Aftermath: (second story to follow up)

Artist Title Album
Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas Heaven or Las Vegas
Slowdaze Fallin' Heartlands
Andy Stott It Should Be Us It Should Be Us

The Morning Brew

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Just when you thought we couldn’t do a morning show! The Morning Brew, with DJ hosts El Barto & Miss Maddie, brings to you an hour or so of chit-chats varying from news, music and more. On top of this, you can also expect talks with guests from WKDU, as well as interviews from artists!