The Ghoul Disco on Mon 2/15/21

Thank you for coming! It's the Ghoul Disco! Yet Again!

*rec: Two One Six, Cereal Killer, SUUNS EP, Talk Show album, In Aeterum Vale (like everything by IAV)

Artist Title Album New Local
New Days Delay Stereokatastophe Splitterelastisch
Public Practice How I Like It Gentle Grip
Depeche Mode Photographic Speak and Spell
Creative Adult Charismatic Leader Psychic Mess
Two One Six Species Slicer
Boy Harsher Deep Well Yr Body is Nothing
Soko Fantastic Planet My Dreams Dictate My Reality
David Shaw and the Beat, Jennifer Cardini Sentiment Acide-Jennifer Cardini Remix So It Goes (The Dance Versions)
Bad Waitress Pre Post-Period Blues Pre Post-Period Blues
Big Cats Wrestlemania IX A Movie About the End of the World, Set in 1990s Las Vegas
Elevan Pond Watching Trees Watching Trees
Sink Tapes I Told You to Trade it Like Snakes on Sandpaper (Collection 2010-2020)
Slint Glenn Slint
Cool Jerks Minimum Wage England
1782 Priestess of Death
Selofan Into the Darkness Sto Skotadi
Papa Dance Kanal X-0-2 Papa Dance
Savages, trentemøller Surrender-trentemøller remix
Day Cube Acolytes (New Wave Funk)
Blind Seagull Last Who Cares Nails
Cereal Killer Being Cool The Beginning & End of Cereal Killer
Black Wing Bollywood Apologetics No Moon
DAF Verlier Nicth Den Kopf Alles Ist Gut
Deep Tissue Injury Patience or Fear
SUUNS Pray Fiction EP
Ich Ma vie dans un bocal French Boogie (1980-1985)
Anna Meredith Calion FIBS
Talk Show Fast and Loud Fast and Loud
In Aeternam Vale Give Me Your Money George In Aeternum Vale

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
Monday 6-8pm
Monday 6-8pm
Tune in if you also wish you could transport to a dark-wave warehouse club somewhere in Berlin at any hour of the day.