A Dose of Doses on Wed 2/17/21

Artist Title Album Local
Jizza Raw Mastermind Squares
Moses Sumney Virile grae
The Code Opia Single
Welsey Curtis Flying Cars EPHEMERA
Mars Parker Green Light Neo Wolf
Sudan Archives Glorious (Nidia Remix) Single
Underground Resistance Charlie Hotel 155 Electronic Warfare 2.0
Katraynada Culture- Instrumental BUBBA
Full Crate Brandy (feat Kyle Dion) Single
Xavier Omar All Your time if You Feel
Spencer Automatic Single
Lakim A Dance With You Classics
Kalisway Cotton Candy Cream
Jockstrap Robert (feat Injury Reserve) Single
Noel Scales All You Need Single
UMI Open Up Single
Kelsey Lu Morning Dew Single
Love Mansuy Thrill (mon-swee) Side A
Armando Young Belladonna Single
Tokimonsta Bibimbap Lune Rouge
Pool Cosby I Like You (feat Denita) Day Breaks
duendita mind Single
Radiant Children Mariposa There's Only Being Yourself
SOPHIETHEHOME home demo Single

A Dose of Doses

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