The Ghoul Disco on Mon 3/15/21

girlswomenladiezz all up in the ghoul disco tn !

*rec: Divide & Dissolve, Goat Girl, Ela Minus, Belgrado, Sneaks, Void Vision, Milliken Chambers

Artist Title Album New Local
JOON Watch the Sky Watch the Sky
Midnight Sister Satellite Painting the Roses
Divide and Dissolve Oblique Gas Light
Goat Girl Anxiety Feels On All Fours
X-Ray Spex Art-I-Ficial Germ Free Adolescents: The Anthology
Ela Minus they told us it was hard, but they were wrong. acts of rebellion
Bush Tetras You Can't Be Funky Too Many Creeps
Black Nail Cabaret No Gold Gods Verging on Sanity
Placebo Nancy Boy Placebo
Belgrado Progress Siglo XX1
Void Vision Everything is Fine Sub Rosa
Sneaks Sanity Happy Birthday
The Bags Survive
Skinned Teen Pillow Case Kisser Bazooka Smooth!
Virginia Wing I'm Holding Out for Something private LIFE
Exit Order Take the Bait Exit Order
IAN SWEET Sword Show Me How You Disappear
Avataria Frustrated Inside Out
VTSS C.E.T. Unlimited C.E.T. Unlimited
Riki Bose Lugen (Body Mix) Riki
Maidavale She Is Gone Madness is Too Pure
Blackwater Holylight Willow Blackwater Holylight
Smerz Believer Believer
Red Aunts Mota #1 Chicken
Second Still Double Negative Violet Phase
Fee Lion Re (Visit) Re (Visit)
Slant 6 What Kind of Monster Are You? Soda Pop Rip Off
Angel T33th Not the Same Not the Same
Hate vs Love Hante. This Fog That Never Ends
Nina Hagen Born in Xixax Nunsexmonkrock
Sally Dige Forget Me
Milliken Chamber Disorder Abscence

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
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Monday 6-8pm
beeps, boops, bangs, and everything ghoul-approved.
Post-Punk etc...
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