Dog Daze Radio on Fri 4/2/21

Season 4 opener! Today is truly a Good Friday.

Artist Title Album
Nikes Blud Type Beat Mercury In Reggaeton
Arma Clouds Arma's Edits Vol. 3
Nikes GSM Reggaeton
Nokiaa & Nofeels Nah Nah Between Us
Am Jams & Murder He Wrote In Too Deep In Too Deep
Geto Mark Snap Geto Trax Volume 3
DJ Sega Here We Go Again New Jack Philly 2: EP (Vol.4)
DJ Sega Teddy's Jam 2.5 New Jack Philly 2: EP (Vol.4)
Hoodboi Ginuewine- Differences 5 Years In Jersey
Hoodboi Kut Klose- Surrender 5 Years In Jersey
Hoodboi Janet Jackson- I Get Lonely 5 Years In Jersey
R3LL Raingurl Single
Swizzymack Make It Rain 20/20
Swizzymack Elmo 20/20
J Dub Rock It Single
Same O Dent Por Dent Ghettogether 2
Hi$to Ignant Ignant EP
Arma Shot Calla Arma Edits Vol. 3
CJ Hold Your Own Hold Your Own
Kita Mahal & S.I.A.T. Cupid's Shot Inspo EP
DJ Orange Julius Skkrtt The Grove
DJ Paypal Go Off! IRL
DJ Paypal Ahhhhhhh Sold out
DJ Paypal With Uuuuuuu Sold out
FFF It Began In Man's Mind Massiv 05
Sweet Dreems A Kid Again Hypnagogia
Sweet Dreems Mask Off Hypnagogia
DJ Taye Gimme Some Mo (feat. UNIIQU3) Still Trippin'
Sam Interface Going In Going In/ Shadows
Special Request Straight Off The Block Zero F****
Response & Time Reaper For The Headstrong Meeting of the Minds Vol. 4

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