The Ghoul Disco on Mon 4/5/21

HI I'm live in le station! Feeling good, feelin fine, I'm totally not messing up at every track ...

*rec's: DILK (both lol); BRONCHO (always); Dusty Idols; that Spaceface track; First Kiss album-if u like really evil sounding BeAtZ

Artist Title Album New Local
DILK Bad Habits
Bill Baird Rainbow Brain Rainbow Brain
Marie Davidson Adieu au Dancefloor Adieux au Dancefloor
BRONCHO China Just Enough Hip to Be Woman
Dusty Idols Magnis Iteneribus Pars Oriens
True Widow Thuergist AVVOLGERE
Gary, Indiana Alien 3 Alien 3
Arab Strap The Turning of our Bone As Days Get Dark
Silicone Prarie Pd2tb My Life on the Silicone Prairie
Slaughter Dog, Beach At the Moonbase At the Moonbase
Otha I'm on Top
Dreamdecay No Answer Yu
TR/ST Slow Burn Destroyer-2
Duchess Says I Repeat Myself Sciences Nouvelles
Holy F**k Tom Tom Congrats
R. Missing Placeholder for the Night Placeholder for the Nigh
Boy Harsher Country Girl Coungry Girl Uncut
Pom Poko Andrew Andrew
Polvo City Spirit Celebrate the Night
Spaceface, Kwa Experiments in Escapist Infinities (NFT Interlude 7.1)
Part Chimp Back from the Dead Back from the Dead
Double Suede Planet Maroon Joy
Le Cliche Ctrl+c, Ctrl+cheat Postplagiarism
The Lounge Society Cain's Heresy
Them Jones The Black Cloud Comes On The Dark
Philary Clown Man I Complain
DILK Pluto Hardships
Ascending Fk#03 First Kiss

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
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