The Ghoul Disco on Mon 4/12/21

Hey ghouls..stay ghouly u kno

*rec's: La Mverter (literally always, wzrdryAV, Mogwai, Saccades, the new Echoberyl remixes, & Disco Doom (sorry!?!? what a sick name)

Artist Title Album New Local
La Mverte, Theodora Le soir, encore
wzrdryAV Channel Drop Midnight Visions
The Jellies Jive Baby on a Saturday Night
Current Affairs Cheap Cuts Object & Subject
Mogwai Drive the Nail As the Love Continues
Lee Paradise Positive Manifestations The Fink
Sad Lovers & Giants The Tightrope Touch Epic Garden Music
A Country Western Going Home
Saccades, The KVB Older Than Tomorrow
Crying Vessel Auxilium Pleasures for the Wicked
Crying Vessel For God's Sake Pleasures for the Wicked
AURAUGRAPH 1994 1994
Shopping Straight Lines Why Choose
Transfigure Translation Translation
Yetzt Anxious Reaction Anxious Reaction
Fragrance So Typical Now That I'm Real
B-Day Only_Friends Account The Suburb Boogie
Adult Books Innocence Grecian Urn
Pile Pigeon Song Odds and Ends
Abschaum La tete vide Moon Tango
Echoberyl Taking the Space (Shado Dub Remix) The Awakening Remixed
EXEK Submitted Biased Advice
Starter Part of You Starter
Fra Lippo Lippi A Moment Like This The Early Years
Disco Doom Rice & Bones Numerals
Balvanera How much does the body resist? Courses of Action
Heavenly Bodies Contact Binary OBSCURE SAD TERRIBLE

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
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beeps, boops, bangs, and everything ghoul-approved.
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