Dog Daze Radio on Fri 4/16/21

RIP DMX and Chynna

Artist Title Album New Local
DMX Prayer III Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood
Kiefer Evil Eye Kickinit Alone
Nokiaa & Nofeels The Sauce Between Us
Emune By Da Note La Familia Pt. 1
Raph That's Some Pressure ANY BPM Vol. 1
Akul Mashup XTR300
Oyubi Erk n Da Finger Pressure
Adi Yair 00h6ir Brutalism VA
Selfhood Gonna Fall Free For All 2
DJ Earl Whaaam SUPR SPRT Remix WHAAAM Remixes
Selfhood Love U Down Edit Free For All 2
AETYTEKK Bringing Back Draft #1
Gila Tons Trench Tones
Vhoor Omaga Vhoor Edit Pack Vol. 2
Westside Gunn TV Boy Single
SEEN Space Coupe Critical Selections LP
Liano Wait CHEQIT
Liano Money On My Mind CHEQIT
Unkle Syd Sydtopia XTR003
Vhoor Do It Vhoor Edit Pack Vol. 2
DJ Orange Julius WYWD OJ and Henny
Liano Powder CHEQIT
Team GB Speaker Boxes Clouds Ahead
Oyubi Roll Up Finger Parade
Vhoor O Corre Vhoor Edit Pack Vol. 3
DJ Taye I Don't Know Still Trippin'
DJ Bog & DJ Tired Talk Yo A** Off La Familia Pt. 1
DMX How's It Goin Down Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood
Chynna Burnout Single

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