Where's the (remote)? on Wed 4/21/21

Artist Title Album New Local
Duster Travelouge Contemporary Movement
@ Camera Phone Mind Palace Music
The Incredible String Band Koeeoaddi There The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
noah Leave It single on youtube?
Mochitsuki Hot Trash/Cold Fingers Dummy Plug
bar italia Mariana Trenchrock Quarrel
Computerwife Melancholia s/t
Unrecovery Hull There Are 1,000 of Me and Each One Is Disappointed
The Seam Lemonade Another Side of The Seams
Ulrika Spacek Lady Godiva's Operation (velvet underground cover) Everything: All the Time
Cavern of Anti-Matter Phase Modulation Shuffle (Edit) single
Deerhoof Future Teenage Cave Artists Future Teenage Cage Artists
Cloud Becomes Your Hand Bay Shamps Rockks or Cakes
Swans Blind White Light From the Mouth of Infinity
Grass Is Green No Legs Yeddo
Pulgas Goldenshawt s/t
Xiu Xiu, Liz Harris A Bottle of Rum OH NO
Sic Alps Sing Song Waitress U.S. EZ
Ylayali Flood Had Don Shadow on the Grass

Where's the (remote)?

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