Dial Error on Fri 4/23/21

Another week! Finished this episode at 4am! WOW! Plenty of cool new local music to boost again this week... as well as new old music :)

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Jessy Bulbo Maldito Saga Mama 2006
Home Blitz Two Steps Out of Phase 2009
Ribbon Stage Cry in the Driveway My Favorite Shrine 2021
Bunnygrunt Superstar 666 Action Pants! 1995
Heavenly I Fell In Love Last Night A Bout de Heavenly: The Singles 2020 (1990-96)
Primal Scream Velocity Girl NME C86 (comp) 1986
Spacemen 3 Walking with Jesus Forged Prescriptions 2018 (1987)
The Equals Can't Find A Girl to Love Me single 1967
A Moms = Algebra Mothers Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberry Cheesecake 2019 (1979)
Smirk Step LP 2021
Rikk Agnew O.C. Life All By Myself 1982
Posion Ruïn Fog of War S/T LP 2021
Kicking Giant The Town Idiot Alien I.D. 1994
Preening Economy Head Dragged Through the Garden 2021
Pink Section Francine's List Pink Section 1980
Suburban Lawns Unable Suburban Lawns 2021 (1981)
Fake Fruit Don't Put It On Me Fake Fruit 2021
Print Head Manic Moments Happy Happy & Hardcore Pop 2021 (2019-20)
Finally Punk Boyfriend Application Primary Colors 2007
Neo Boys Under Control Sooner Or Later 2013 (1978-83)
RJ/8 The Game Tomorrow Never Listens 7" 1981
Pleasure Leftists Not Over Elephant Man / Not Over 7" 2013
Dee-Parts Can't Get Enough Collected Recordings 2019
Spirit of the Beehive There's Nothing You Can't Do Entertainment, Death 2021
Writhing Squares The Abyss Is Never Brighter Chart for the Solution 2021
King Azaz In June Forever Green 2021
Colin Newman Inventory A-Z 1980
Bourbonese Qualk Boggy Creek Preparing for Power 2021 (1986)
Tres Operator Smile On My Face 7" 1985
Ruth Polaroid - Roman - Photo Bippp - French Synth Wave 1979-85 2006
Risque III Risque Madness Essence of a Dream 2021 (1986)
Codek Tam Tam (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi Remixes 2) Closer / Tam Tam 2019 (1981)

Dial Error

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Join host Allison Error for power pop, jangle pop, new wave, punk and more! Sometimes featuring guest sets in the first hour from DJs based in Philly and beyond. It's company you deserve! Music for drivin', home listening, cookin', and more of life's adventures.
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