The Ghoul Disco on Mon 5/10/21

oi its the ghoul disco againe innit bruv

*rec's: AGENDER!/Body Maintenance (COOL post-punk); Solarized (philly noise); Destruction Unit (literally just liked the album cover and turns out it rocks!!); Disco Doom (dissociative rock); Folly Group/GRUN WASSER (darkwave baby <3 )

Artist Title Album New Local
Agender Astro Tarot
Cold Beat Paper Mother
Nurnberg Biessensounasc Skryvaj
Saloon Dion Deal or No Deal
Solarized Into the Seams of Your Coat A Ghost Across Hell From Me
Solarized Divination A Ghost Across Hell From Me
Heavy Temple The Maiden
Adulkt Life Flipper Book of Courses
Electric Wizard Turn Off Your Mind Black Masses
Teenage Cenobite Midnight Advice Rules to Break
Destruction Unit Eclipse
Paranoid London Eating Glue Paranoid London
Warpaint Disco/Very Warpaint
штадт (shtad?) снг снг
Gap Girls Mirror Street Desires
Quickspace Scubaplus Superplus
L'Rain Two Face
Crash Course in Science Fake Plastic Situational Awareness
Prison Affair La Fuga Demo
Disco Doom Dead Eye Numerals
Happa Ascension PT1
Squid G.S.K. Bright Green Field
Ghost King Buzzin Buzzin
Folly Group Sand Fight
Modern Heaven Farewell Midnight Cowboy
GRUN WASSER 123 Windows
Iceage High & Hurt
Lamps Freak People with Faces
Body Maintenance Glass Faces S/T
Valuemart Back on the Drugs

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
Monday 8-10pm
Monday 8-10pm
Monday 6-8pm
Monday 6-8pm
Monday 6-8pm
beeps, boops, bangs, and everything ghoul-approved.
Post-Punk etc...
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