Dial Error on Fri 5/14/21

Christo from local grunge punk band King Azaz takes over the first hour! Their new tape "Forever Green" is out now on Get Better Records!


Artist Title Album Label New Local
Ocean Wisdom Life (Background) Wizville 2018
Destroy Boys American River Make Room 2018
Fiddlehead Poem You Springtime and Blind 2018
(New England) Patriots Queer Special Worship 2016
Leopard Print Taser Things You Do Teeth Are Not Bones 2018
slowthai Gorgeous Nothing Great About Britain 2019
Uzeda The Milky Way Different Section Wires 1998
Kitten Forever Trip Wire 7 Hearts 2016
Sebadoh Not Too Amused Bakesale 1994
Weakened Friends Blue Again Common Blush 2018
Camp Lo Short Eyes (Background) On the way Uptown 2016
Line Leader premonition WILT 2017
Blushed Webcam I Love You So Much It Hurts 2018
Hazel Comet Toreador of Love 1993
Weed Heal Deserve 2013
Guerilla Toss Betty Dreams of Green Men (Background) GT Ultra 2017
King Azaz Honey for Mud Forever Green 2021
Glazer Plastic Trash Glazer 2014
Grass Widow Shadow (Background) Past Time 2010
The Groans Colors Earth Dweller 2019
Hotline TNT Highlighter Cool If I Crash
The Trend Electric Chair Electic Chair
The Cannanes Sound of the City A Love Affair with Nature
The Singles TV Deceives
The Skunks The Good from the Bad
The Telegents TV Gents
N0V3L Group Disease Non-Fiction
Bow Wow Wow C30 C60 C90 Go!
Sieve Prudence Prudence b/w Around
King of Culture Cut Shut Know How
Fred Banana Combo Nowhere Bei Mir
Dawn Chorus & the Bluetits I'm Going Down I'm Going Down 7"
Dalek I Dalek I Love You (Destiny) 12" single
Dorothy Softness Softness 7"
Crash Course in Science Flying Turns Signals from Pier Thirteen

Dial Error

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Join host Allison Error for power pop, jangle pop, new wave, punk and more! Sometimes featuring guest sets in the first hour from DJs based in Philly and beyond. It's company you deserve! Music for drivin', home listening, cookin', and more of life's adventures.
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