The Ghoul Disco on Mon 5/17/21

spinnin all sorts of record babay ;** (kith kith face)

*rec's: The Durrutti Column (idk chill funky?); Carmody (FUN JANGLE PUNK); Riki/Karl Kave (classic synth/darkwave); Cardinal & Nun (VERY much ghoul-approved spooky post-punk)

Artist Title Album New Local
Pursuit of Happiness I'm an Adult Now I'm an Adult Now
The Durrutti Column Sketch for Dawn -I LC
Curses Discipline
Carmody Messengers of Love A Better Spider
Minxus Slender Means Minxus
Riki Strohman Riki
comfort Received Life
Nothing In Blueberry Memories The Great Dismal
Body Maintanence Transit Body Maintanence
Calm Sign Crushes Motorist 7"
Vena A Mortal Song in a Beautiful Sunday
Tones on Tail There's Only One Weird Pop
Pixel Grip Pursuit
Glued Cool Evil Cool Evil
Bleed Black Acid Black Acid
OTTO Chlorine Clam Day
Cardinal & Nun Dancing in the Evil Dancing in the Evil
Wild Flowers of America Joey Lost in the Salvation Army
Karl Kave Sorglose Maa Leiber Vorwarts
The Night Monitor Dance of the Mince Pie Martians Perception Report 2
Dlina Volny Whatever Happens Next Whatever Happens Next
Kamggarn, The Dead Pirates Persephone's Dream
Police des Moeurs Premiere Niege
Don Liblet Method of Element Cash Flow
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Gift that Shines Blow
Goggs Needle Trade Off Goggs
Tempers Undoing Services
Sievehead Last Words Into the Blue
Amiture The Beach The Beach

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