The Ghoul Disco on Mon 5/24/21

Why are records so fun..Tune in next week for a true disco dance party :), but this show was p noisy hehehe-I love punk shtuff

*rec's: Isolation Party, MESH (Post-punk classic); Michael Beach (velvet underground typa jams); Central Unit, Nation of Language (Happy, Synthy Jangle pop/punk); SMTB (...I don't need to say much). oh and ASCENDING

Artist Title Album New Local
Experimental Products Work That Beat
Mesh Traveler Mesh
Isolation Party Dark Matter Fiberoptic Holiday
Tirzah Inside Out I'm Not Dancing
Fat White Family Fringe Runner Serfs Up!
Karl Kave I Surrender
Parole e azioni Was machst du, was macht ihr
Michael Beach The Tower
Quicksand Inversion
Fenster HBW The Room
Logic System Talk Back LOGIC
Sh*tKid Favourite Thing Favourite Thing
Yung Lust and Learning Ongoing Dispute
Null & Void When I Fell Down Possibilities
Neon Lies Hideaway Loveless Adventures
Rexy Funky Butt Running Out of Time
Monuments Eyes
All Hits Kickback Men and Their Work
Manslaughter 777 Mag Tech
Central Unit Saturday Nite Loving Machinery EP
False Figure Cursed False Figure
In Death it Ends Follow Forgotten Knowledge
acid_freek Speeding 100%
CLAMM Beseech Me Beseech Me
Mareux Summertime Predestiny EP
Patti Color Kill Good Big
Lelani Floating Fantastic Planet
Nation of Language Deliver Me From Wandering Why Deliver Me From Wandering Why
Show Me the Body People on TV Survive EP
Permanent Makeup Bottomless Scrape
Ascending Asc_Ft02 Forgotten Tapes

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
Monday 8-10pm
Monday 8-10pm
Monday 6-8pm
Monday 6-8pm
Monday 6-8pm
beeps, boops, bangs, and everything ghoul-approved.
Post-Punk etc...
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