The Ghoul Disco on Mon 5/31/21

tru dance ghouly beats, bumps, grooves, and all things ghoul (in the clurb)-approved

*I rec all of them lol

Artist Title Album New Local
Mujuice Rehab Melancholium
Saada Bonaire Heart over Head Saada Bonaire
Total Control, Michael Ozone Carpet Club Crash-Ozone Mix Total Control
L.F.T. Keine Angst Traüme Von Gabriel
Christiane F., J.D. Twitch Wunderbar-JD Twitch Edit
Glüme Don't @ Me The Internet
Cabaret Nocturne Rebirth-Xy-Me Mix Astro Tango
Intergalactic Faerie Funk Haunted The Intergalactic Faerie Funk Debut
AURAGRAPH Acid Disco Opacity Field
Cute Heels Metal Disco Spiritual
Perspects Gimme Panic The Third and Final Report
Extra T's E.T. Boogie
DUST Feel It Feel It
Corben Go On Programmer
Rue Oberkampf Glycine Chritophe-Phillipe
Earth To Mickey Brace & Bit Brace & Bit
Mirador Fog & Lights & Ghosts (Haunted Mansion) Chapel EP
Working Men's Club, Paranoid London X-Paranoid London Remix X
Pixel Grip ALPHAP***Y ALPHAP***Y
Fee Lion On Me On Me
Kris Baha Behave Starts to Fall
The Beat Club Transamerica (Transcontinental Mix) Paris
Leon Vynehall Worm (Closer & Closer) Rare, Forever

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
Monday 8-10pm
Monday 6-8pm
Monday 6-8pm
Monday 6-8pm
Tune in if you also wish you could transport to a dark-wave warehouse club somewhere in Berlin at any hour of the day.