Open air covered by Alina on Wed 6/2/21

With guest DJ Jordan/ live set from Magnetic Dog!

Artist Title Album Label Local
Blues Ambush Untitled Rough Mix from a forthcoming LP! 2021
Nagisa Ni Te “失意のうちに = Despair Newocean Org, 2020
Ron Everett New Rock Joy The Glitter of the City Vagabond King, 1978/re: Jazzman, 2021
Osamu Okuno おなかがへってる唄 = I’m Hungry オクノ修 Humico, 1972
Henry Flynt and Nova’billy Amphetamine Rhapsody Nova’billy recorded 1975/Locust, 2007
Trees Snail’s Lament The Garden of Jane Delawney CBS, 1970/re: Earth, 2020
The Eighteenth Day of May Eighteen Days self-titled Hannibal, 2005/re: Feeding Tube, 2020
Magnetic Dog Burnt Tongues Live for WKDU
Magnetic Dog Oho My Eyes (Ivor Cutler) Live for WKDU
Magnetic Dog Dear Betty Baby (Mayo Thompson) Live for WKDU
Maher Shalal Hash Bar - featuring Yuzo Iwata on guitar 雨 = The Rain Feb. 23rd, 1986 - National Public Hall  MSHB Direct Trade, 2021
Heron Yellow Roses Heron Dawn, 1970/re: Trading Places, 2021
The Sprigs From Flora, Not At All Before I Glare Up At The Sun Through The Top Soil Infant Tree, 2021
Hallelujahs I’m Not Green (Live Rehearsal 1986 Songs for a Simple Moment Geographic, 2001
Naoki Zushi 鏡 = Mirror IV Org, 2018
Enno Vulthuys Bird Alone A Glimpse of Light Exart, 1984/re: Dead Mind, 2021
Gerycz/Powers/Rolin Cracked Steps Beacon Garden Portal, 2020/re: Centripetal Force, 2021)

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