The Ghoul Disco on Mon 6/7/21

Hey party peeps-station was havin a lil fussy day with tech stuff so thanks those who stuck around ! Here is the playlist-found some super sick CD's today :)

*rec's: NOV3L, exhalants, FACS, MAN ON MAN (post-punk/hard(er)core); TOBACCO, Crypto Order, Trans Slovenian..., Beta Evers (industrial/synth/dancey); Bent was good; King Woman (slow doom metal) releasing new album in July!

Artist Title Album New Local
Twin Tribes, Geometric Vision Tower of Glass-Geometric Vision Remix Altars
Wombo Situations Situations
Numbers Insomnia Insomnia
Camp Candle One Day, My Friend
Marie Moore Pretty Day Pretty Day
Provoker Spell Strike
Crypto Order New Scum The Age of Demoralization
Sonavision Deluxe Icaru Icaru
Sunny Day Real Estate Waffle LP2
Free Kitten Never Gonna Sleep Sentimental Education
Exhalants Richard Atonement
Surfing Enough Emotion
Bent To Be Loved Intercept! Deluxe Edition
King Woman Morning Star
La PECHE Metric Blood in the Water
Rich Bennett Night Pt.2 On Holiday
South Philly Billy I'm Tasting Metal Stabby Road
Ohama My Time The Minimal Wave Tapes
FACS General Public Present Tense
MAN ON MAN Stohner s/t
Z-Entropia Antenna Trans Slovenia Express (Comp Album)
Bunnydrums Smithson PKD
Sydney Valette Precipice Fight Back
Seam Sweet Pea The Problem With Me
Catholic Spit Zero A Pact with the Devil
Dod Mark Misstag Drabbed av sjukdom
Beta Evers Don't Be Afraid 2002-2017 Collections

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