The Variety Show on Sat 6/5/21

Once my friend stole my pickle at the diner. I wrote a song about it

Artist Title Album
Rod McKuen Loves been good to me
ween Freedom of 76
Fiddler on the Roof Soundtrack To Life
Cyndi Lauper True Colors
Mills Brothers Lazy River
Leon RedBone Desert Blues
Louis Armstrong Back O Town Blues
Big Lazy Don't Cross Myrtle
Wesley Willis Cut the Mullet
Jacques Brel Amsterdam
Rod McKuen Amsterdam
David Bowie Amsterdam
Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Heave away Johnny
The Dubliners Maid of the sweet brown knowe
The Pogues Navigator
John Lee Hooker Whiskey and Wimmen
Howlin' Wolf Goin down slow
Lightnin' Hopkins Black Cat
Mississippi John Hurt Make me a pallet on your floor
Muddy Waters Deep down in Florida
Toots in the Maytals Premature
Scotty Draw your Breaks
Steven Wright/Clockwork orange sntrk Ants/title track
The Extraordinaires High Five the cactus
Northern Liberties ?
Marty Robbins Big Iron
Mike Ness Big Iron
Hank Williams Alone and Forsaken
Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson Black Jack County Chains
Tom T Hall The Year that Clayton Delaney Died
Merle Haggard The Only trouble with Me
Jerry Lee Lewis Another Place Another Time
Kingston Trio The Long Black Rifle
The Gories Nitroglycerine

The Variety Show

John Pitale
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 7-9am
Saturday 12-2am
Saturday 12-3am
Wednesday 2-4pm
kidney/black beans, onions, garlic, corn, bell/chili peppers, tabasco, wait thats my chili recipe