The Variety Show on Sat 6/12/21

Man if I only knew how to play the banjo...

Artist Title Album Local
Weird Al I Lost on Jeopardy
Louis Prima Zooma Zooma Bacalla
Radio Alarm Clocks Confidentially Renee
Go Go's This Town
Murder City Devils Ready for More
Mose Allison Parchman Farm
Roosevelt Sykes Safety Pin Blues
Muddy Waters Can't lose what you ain't never had
Elmore James Bleeding Heart
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Whoee, Whoee
Johnny Winter TV Mama
Jimmy Reed Gone Fishin'
The Low Budgets Low Budget Life
Dead Milkmen Plum Dumb
Fat Boys Stick Em'
David Bowie Rock and Roll with Me
Joe Cocker Bird on a Wire
Leonard Cohen One of us can not be wrong
Old Scratch Monsters
Eulogy I like Birds
Steve Martin Vegas
Rod McKuen The Art of Catching Trains
Johnny Cash The Baron
Hank Williams Lovesick Blues
The Beach Boys I know there's an answer
Jake Joyce Band You could be my medicine
Martin Denny Quiet Village
Arthur Lyman Taboo
Wilmoth Houdini Gin and Coconut Water
Bill Fleming Mr Monday Morning
Bill La Motta Back Street Bombaloue
Lou Lou Bois Caville Ce Biguine
Genesis Counting out Time
Elvis Costello Angels wanna wear my red shoes
Tom Waits The one that got away

The Variety Show

John Pitale
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 7-9am
Saturday 12-2am
Saturday 12-3am
Wednesday 2-4pm
kidney/black beans, onions, garlic, corn, bell/chili peppers, tabasco, wait thats my chili recipe