The Ghoul Disco on Mon 6/21/21

Ok....not to toot my horn but tbh, my rec's today are ..ALL of them!! Idk, I was just really havin a good time. Thanks to all the lovely listeners and those who called in <3<3

Feelin the love on this new slot-see you next week !

Artist Title Album New Local
Rendez Vous Workout Distance
Spirit of the Beehive Rapid & Complete Recovery Entertainment, Death
Agoria, Ela Minus What if the Dead Dream
Fay Ray Contact You Contact You
Dub Trio Computery The Shape of Dub to Come
The Clockworks Can I Speak to a Manager?
Cherubs Blackhouse Heroin Man
BRUT Imagination S/T
Positive Noise Tension Change of Heart
In Trance 95 Presidente Cities of Steel & Noise
Red Tunic Tumbler
Provoker Bugs & Humans
Pale Honey Bad Thing Some Time, Alone
Doric *** No5 (not in english SRY) Great Dead Cities
The Krimis Dull
Rata Negra Maldicion Una Vida Vulgar
Eve Maret, W.H Lung Synthesizer Hearts-W.H. Lung Remix EP
November Novelet Magic Magic
Hante Apnee
Civic Mimic Shorted Deep Clean
Mannequin Pu**y Pigs is Pigs Perfect
Dollkraut, de Ambassade Du Feitsch Fetish EP
Of Cabbage and Kings Of Servce/Land of the 57' Chevy Basic Pain Basic Pleasure
Bootblacks, KANGA Nostalgia Void
Adrenochrome Fools' Paradise Adrenochrome
D.U.D.S. Not At All
The Other People Place Lifestyles of the Casual Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe

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