Electric Zoo on Mon 6/28/21

Artist Title Album New
Dianna Lopez So I don't Feel Useless So I Don't Feel Useless
Sven Wunder Lotus Eastern Flowers
Brigid Dawson and The Mothers Network The Fool Ballet of Apes
Elephant Gym Midway Work
Pipe-eye People Moving Along Cosmic Blip
Angel Rada Panico A Las 5am Soul Jazz Records Presents VENEZUALA 70
Harrison Around You Around You
Bruno Pernadas Ya Ya Breathe Those Who Throw Objects at the Crocodiles Will Be Asked to Retrieve Them
Mint Chicks Ockham's Razor Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!
Dinosaur Jr. Sludgefest You're Living All Over Me
MAVI Terms & Conditions Let the Sun Talk
Stennes Eyes Didn't Let Me Open Eyes Didn't Let Me Open
Atlin Gun Sofor Bey Gece
Reptaliens If You Want FM-2030
Corridor Le Grand Ecart Supermercado
Mik, The Story So Far Clairvoyant - Lo-Fi Clairvoyant / Upside Down
Remi Wolf, Panda Bear Woo! - Panda Bear Remix We Love Dogs!
Sword II Master Plan Between II Gardens
Andy Scott Faith In Strangers Faith In Strangers
Devandre Banhart, Noah Georgeson Into Clouds In a Cistern b/w Into Clouds
Jorge Regula The Moldy Peaches The Moldy Peaches
Little Bunny Foo Foo The Moldy peaches The Moldy Peaches
Unknown Moral Orchestra Weekend Run Weekend Run
Mission Of Burma Academy Fight Song Signals, Calls, Marches
Team Sleep Staring At The Queen Team Sleep
Godcaster Don't Make Stevie Wonder Long Haired Locusts
Boon Stoneburner Morning's
Rich Ruth It's The Water It's The Water

Electric Zoo

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