Dog Daze Radio on Fri 7/2/21

The Dog Daze of summer are here and I hope you're ready

Artist Title Album New Local
Nxxxxxs If It was a Deer Remember Last Summer
DJ Tired Foreign Whip La Familia Pt. 2
Daphne When You Love Someone Powder In Space
Alewya Sweating (Honey Dijon Dub)
Ghostface Playa Covered N Money La Familia Pt. 2
Kettenkarussell Just for a Second Powder In Space
Luca Lozano Calling All Dancers Gun Fingers
Dukeyman Gimme Some More
sepha Can't Break Through Thank You for Club Music
sepha Thank You Baltimore Thank You for Club Music
Amadeezy Bass Boss
False Persona Tempest
J Wax Choke VA002
False Persona Orbit
Paco Pack Infiltration Beat Phalanx Pt. 2
Will Web D Playas Elevated Jit Vol. 1
Snarexx Message to Detroit Bounce Operators Vol 2 I'm Perfect Queens of Club: Astral Booty
Salush Ghettoangels Queens of Club: Astral Booty
666uba Late Nite Tip Ghettogether VA
DJ DR-660 Phonky No. 69 FTP002
Hyroglifics & Sinistarr Bs6
Hyroglifics & Sinistarr Turn Up
DPCLD White Honda No Service vol 2
DJ Swisha Mind Went Blank The DJ Pack Vol 2
Kid Lib Jungl3r DAT034
Aimnbreak Come Ruff
Kid Lib If the Rain The White Label EP
DJ Orange Julius JB VIP Quarantine Crank
DJ Spinn, DJ Manny, DJ Taye Kush Alarm TEK LIFE VIP 2019
DJ Taye Throw Them L's Up P4: Special Stage
DJ Orange Julius & DJ Hank WYWD OJ and Henny
JB Rock It
Lil C4 V4MP
K. Luci My Luv Cypher F*** Soundcloud Vol 3
Lil C4 Welcome To the W4rld El Cabra
Sonido Berzerk Pussy Pamper Club Jams EP Vol 2
Sonido Berzerk Igloo Club Jams EP Vol 2
Tim Reaper The Dank The White Label EP
IAMNOBODI Behind the Scenes The Slaps
lvusm May 26 Things I Haven't Put On Spotify
Kleeer Intimate Connection

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