60 Minutes More or Less on Sat 7/3/21

Artist Title Album New Local
Varg, Viur, Puce Mary Dog Days Evanescence (A Love Letter)
Moor Mother Zami
Hatchers Spectral Lines Spectral Lines
Emptyset Body Borders
Basic House I Found U Caim in Bird Form
Helm I Exist In A Fog Olympic Mess
Ritual Chair You Always Try to Get What You Want Exploit
Felicia Atkinson I can't stop thinking about it Everything Evaporate
Garden of Gethsemane A2. A smile to avoid the tears Dead Birds and Living Stones
Laurel Halo Hyphae Possessed
Eyes of the Amaryllis Molasses Time Eyes of the Amaryllis
sour spirit cums and goes aluminum rainbow
Keiji Haino, Sumac What have I Done? (I Was Reeling In Something White and I Became Able to do Anything I Made a Hole Imprisoned Time Within it Created Friction Stopped Listening to Warnings Ceased Fixing my Errors Made the Impossible Possible? Turned Sadness Into Joy) P American Dollar Bill - Keep Facing Sideways, You're Too Hideous To Look At Face On
Liturgy The Fall of SIHEYMN Origin of the Alimonies
John Luther Adams Canticles of the Sky: I. Sky with Four Suns The Wind in High Places
Luke Stewart Chaiking Comp, 2 (Upright Bass #1) NYC LIMINAL SERIES, vol. 1
Okkyung Lee one bright lazy sunday afternoon (you whispered that name) Yeo-Neun
Andrew Norman, eighth blackbird Mine, Mime, Meme Hand Eye
Colin Stetson Beyond the Brake Beyond the Brake
John Coltrane, Alice Coltrane Reverend King Cosmic Music
Янка Ангедония Печаль моя светла

60 Minutes More or Less

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