Where's the (remote)? on Thu 7/8/21

Artist Title Album New Local
null coopers butt demos
Courtney Love Uncrushworthy 7"
Good Sad Happy Bad Do It Shades
Matthew Sweet I've Been Waiting Girlfriend
Wednesday One More Last One single
The Observers Wahini 7"
Cuppa Joe bottlerocket Busy Work E.P.
D.R. Hooker Forge Your Own Chains The Truth
Moontype Anti-Divinity Bodies of Water
Anika Change Rights
The Chameleons Here Today Live In Toronto
Pulsr Prescience Sent
Sword II Garden Between II Gardens
Unrest Oils Malcolm X Park
Cindy Lee Heavy Metal Heavy Metal
Wombo Dreamsickle single
Cameraface Working Papers After the Scream LP
Stereo Types You've Been on My Mind Bowling to Peer Pressure EP
Sleep Movies Scanner Melt Transmission
The Residents Who Is She Census Taker Soundtrack
Half Japanese One Million Kisses Charmed Life
James White and the Blacks Irresistable Impulse Sax Maniac
Piper's Bellflower Feelin' Good Piper's Bellflower
Kristen Fiscian Blue Night Some Kind of Magic
Chris Weisman Turnstyle Play Sharp To Me

Where's the (remote)?

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