60 Minutes More or Less on Sat 7/10/21

Artist Title Album New Local
Iglooghost Steel Mogu Steel Mogu
Arca Vanity Mutant
Lost Girls Carried by Invisible Bodies Menneskekollektivet
An Incomprehensible Title That's Better Than 'Untitled' The Hirs Colective The Third 100 Songs
Moor Mother, Pink Siifu Obsidian
Giant Claw Mirror Guide, Pt. I Mirror Guide
Pharmakon No Natural Order Contact
Jesse Draxler, Dylan Walker Time Reign Cement Reigning Cement
Bill Evans What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? From Left To Right
Devendra Banhart, Noah Georgeson Into Clouds
Julianna Barwick, Ikue Mori Rejoinder FRKWYS Vol. 6
Felicia Atkinson, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma O Comme Un Seul Narcisse
Iannis Xenakis Kottos
Seth Kasselman UV Catamaran UV Catamaran
Pamela Z Quatre Couches / Flaew Stains A Secret Code
Wolf Eyes Winter Sunday Winter Sunday
Kostas Kefalianos Das Gefängis der Wörter Der Schimmel
Graham / Hobbs / Nakatani / Shen Small Colliders Scar's the Limit

60 Minutes More or Less

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