SLAPB0X on Mon 7/12/21

Artist Title Album New
Bedwetter Fondly Eulogizing Sleep Vol 1: Flick Your Tongue Against Your Teeth and Describe The Present
L'rain Two Face Fatigue
Ross From Friends The Beginning Family Portrait
Computerwife Ignore Facts Computerwife
OTTO Spirit Theme Clam Day
Coby Sey Petals Have Fallen Petals Have Fallen
Cookin Soul, Jinsang Night Swims Night Swimns
Fake Fruit lying Legal Horror Lawyers Fake Fruit
ooTi Skulf Kill This Man I Think We're Dead
Andrew Wasylyk Avril Hydrangeas Avril Hydrangeas
Robert Hood Chroma Light The Blueprint EP
The Knife The Bird - Radio Edit Bird / Afraid Of You
Jay Glass Dubs, Guerilla Toss String Dub Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss
Omar Apollo Go Away Go Away
Pram Legendary Band of Venus Meshes EP
Giraffage, Japanese Breakfast Maybes Too Real
5AM, ZONE Drums, Tygris Vibe Triovision
The Night Monitor Dance of the Mince Pie martians Perception Report 2
HOMESHAKE Vacuum Vacuum
Macabre Plaza A Devil's Touch in the Midwest An Old Smile
Sunny Day Service in the sun again the CITY
Ryo Kawaski Hawiian Caravan - Orginal MIx Selected Works 1979 to 1983
The Voidz The Eternal Tao 2.0 The Eternal Tao 2.0
Hudson Mohawke Tar B.B.H.E
Yura Yura Teikou TURTLE TALK 3x3x3
The Murlocs Illuminate The Shade Bittersweet Demons
Sunbeam Sound Machine I Dreamt I Saw You In A Dream Sunbeam Sound Machine


El Barto
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