3rd Impact on Fri 7/9/21

Artist Title Album Local
Hidenori Shoji Haruyoshi Tomita, Ryuji Iuchi World 3 Ocean
trndy trndy Thats what you get NXC Edit
MURDER CLUB Closer Bootleg
umru 2021 remix
Devon Dangerous
Hireath Ink Prototype
Laxcity Book
djX Ghost Voices (CLUBCORE EDIT)
Nfract Security (remix)
Photo Maiden Ready Steady Go
Sihk Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Happy Hardcore edit)
Felimos, Codly, JPEBRO, Aethoro, glasse & unit333 A Distant Village On The Eastside
Ivy Hollivana HAWK & CROW
dltzk homeswitcher (backflip)
Happy around! Seikai Wa Hitotsu! Janai!!
Synce timeskip
andrea andrea aigis pt1
Nightcore God is A Girl
Sad Keyboard Guy, Myntian, & Sleepless Chroma//Surge

3rd Impact

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This is something FAR more sinister.
Drum and Bass
Lizard Core
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