Dog Daze Radio on Fri 7/23/21

Live from The Bassment for the first time, baby.

Artist Title Album New
Traxman ft. DJ Woo Woo War Da Look EP
EQ Why Zilla Off a Perk Juke Pack Vol. 3
EQ Why Pop That Juke Pack Vol. 3
CA$TLE Dumpa Meet Me At Bandos
Winson Clink Get High Juice With Swing
Textasy Woodgrain Texas Horrortech
Foreign Concept Sticks Sticks EP
Cowboy Killer O.S.S. Single
X CLUB. 6 Million Ways to Die Steel City Dance Discs Vol. 23
Coinzy Perculate Perculate EP
Textasy Illusions of the Mind Houston Hurricane Relief Compilation
Carlton Doom Binmen of the Apocalypse Binmen, Machines, Insects & More
Confidential Recipe Who PASSENGER
Gettoblaster & DJ Deeon Twerk It Route 66
Bored Lord Clear the Mind Changeling
Confidential Recipe The Test PASSENGER
DJ Delish Bange Single
Textasy Hold Up Wait a Minute
DJ Delish ft DJ Jukeboxx The Engineer 28th
Bailey Ibbs Warriors Call Helter Skelter
Bored Lord The Sun and The Stars Changeling
DPCLD U Dream Overdosed EP
X CLUB. Psychopath Steel City Dance Discs Vol. 23
Dagga Technobass Freak Metaphysical City Riders
Dagga We808 Verbal Warning
YTP W3rkthat
Ghostwhip NRG Electricity Posse
Aleister Reformat Me
YTP D33pe3r
leinaD Cyber Gangsta Metaphysical City Riders
Static Let Me See Ya Juke WorldWideJuke vol.3
Unglued H to the A to the... Interplanetary Radio

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