Electric Zoo on Mon 7/26/21

Artist Title Album New
Romare The Taste of Honey - From The City Love Songs Pt. 1
Goat Hide From The Sun Commune
Draag Me Money I Am Gambling With My Life
Loving Visions If I Am Only My Thoughts
Helado Negro Leo and Gemini Leo and Gemini
Parannoul Excuse To See The Next Part of The Dream
Tanukichan Sundays Sundays
Sabrepulse Familiar Exile
Renee Reed Fast One Renee Reed
Vegyn Cowboy ALLSTAR Only Diamonds cut Diamonds
Standing on the Corner Vomets Standing on the Corner
Louis Prince The Number Thirteen The Number Thirteen
Nana Yamato Burning Desire Before Sunrise
Dehd, Physical Medium Flying - Physical Medium Remix Flying (Physical Medium Remix)
Harrison Celica Surpa Apricity
Harrison, Daniela Adrade Atmosphere (feat. Daniela Andrade Apricity
GRiZ R O Y G B I V - i n t e r l u d e Rainbow Brain
Dougie Stu, Jeff Parker Joy RIde (Jeff Parker Remix) Joy Ride (Remix)
Papadosio, Ram Dass Your Game Is Clean Your Game Is Clean
Draag Me Form I Am Gambling With Me Life
Shame, Maximum Security Born In Luton - Maximum Security Mix Born in Luton Remixes
Tropical F*** Storm New Romeo Agent New Romeo Agent
Flume, Eprom Spring Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape)
Dean Blunt, POiSON ANNA NEVA Roaches 2012-2019
Grupo 606 El en Vaiven Grandes Exitos Del Ayer Vol. 2
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers The Sweeping Wind (Kwa Ti Feng) Rock n' Roll With The Modern Lovers
George Benson Breezin' Breezin'
Maitro Kid Goku Dragonball Wave
Sam Galleitry Neptune Viewfinder Vol 1: PHOSPHENE
Enjoy, Divino Nino Under a Winking Coconut Tree Sessions With a Nasty Old Tree

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