The Ghoul Disco on Mon 7/26/21

Thank u for joining as always :-) sry i missed last week.

Feel like I had a freakin Kitchen Sink show tonight *shrug* but hope you liked!

*rec's: Badtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BADTIME; Poison Ruin, Yeet (sick Philly bands); New Fries, S. Product (post beats); Axe, Miles Fox (fuzzy post/jangle punk); The Serfs (ALWAYS); glyph talk, Qlowski (classic off beat post punk)

Artist Title Album New Local
DJ Rodriguez Monday Again Football Club
Badtime Badtime Badtime Vol. 1
Leto V. Gorode *** 1
Cybotron Cosmic Cars Clear
Poison Ruin Morning Star Poison Ruin II
Don Howland Never Win Life is a Nightmare
New Fries Ploce Is the Idea of Us
Love Object Transparent Woman
Girl Friday I'm Impossible
Vaguess Feeding Hand Only Sleeping
Thomas Dinger Fur Dich Fur mich
S. Product Bell Tolls Suicide Beat
Chemistry Set Beneath the Plow S/T? LP
Axe Lenny on a Bike Rat B*stard
The Chameleons Monkeyland Script of the Bridge
Beachy Head Destroy Head S/T
New Candys Evil Evil Vyvyd
The Tear Garden Tasteless To be an Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide
Miles Fox Decomposition Temporal Loop
Blood Lemon The Stone Castle S/T
Qlowski All Good Quale Futuro?
Yeet IKWUR War
About 9 Times In the Cellar There is No...
Lush Take Spooky
The Serfs Debt World
Scarper Rhodopsin E-Funk

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
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