Where's the (remote)? covered by Kiva K. on Thu 7/29/21

s/o guest Tom -Thanks for tuning!

Artist Title Album New Local
BLK JKS iQ(w)ira-Machine Learning Vol. 1 Abantu / Before Humans
Andrew Hung Battle Devastations
State of Art Venice Milano New Wave Comp Album
Square Pusher A Real Woman Just A Souvenir
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Call Your Mom
cero *Rework*
The Residents Side 2? Commercial Album
Flanafi, Ape School Family, Friend The Knees Start To Go
Zero Percent APR Free To Be Evil Gilgamesh II
Cardinal & Nun Lost Dancing in the Evil
Poison Ruin Doppleganger Poison Ruin II
Cigarettes for Breakfast I Thought I Was Transforming Into a Butterfly. . .
mansbestfriend allieverwanted Poly sci 187
Nowadays Art Fact Closure
La Maison Mercedes Milano New Wave Comp Album
Pico Malaguel
Spiritualized Electricity Ladies and Gentlemen
Supercar U Supercar
Yeet I'll Lead U Up
ULNA Ocean Ridge OEA
Wake Ooloo Fort Days Hear No Evil
The Bibs Its Not From the Fish Houses
The Action Brain
A Certain Ratio All Night Party The Graveyard and the Ballroom
Depeche Mode The Sun and the Rain Fall A Broken Frame

Where's the (remote)?

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