Dog Daze Radio on Fri 7/30/21

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Artist Title Album New Local
Soulphiction MIDI Funk What What EP
HSC Slick Slacker Back Alley Before Dawn
Joe Kashin The Pinnacle TAIPAN TRAX vol. 1
Arma River Arma Edits 4.5
HSC Acid Bubbles Wrapped Around You Back Alley Before Dawn
Overmono So U Know
S.R. B Tower Single
S.R. Gold Hawk Dub
Overmono BMW Track
JD. Reid DPMO On the Low EDITS 3
HSC Back Down the Alley Back Alley Before Dawn
Gamma Intel False Memories Effortless Imagination
Gamma Intel Fluid Theory Effortless Imagination
Ill Thank You DJz Hot DJ Edits from the 212
Raw Magalenha Raw Summer Edits II
Raw Distortion Raw Summer Edits II
Dyen Remember Me
Raw Takes Funked Out Raw Takes
Amadeezy Bay Slap Junt East 2 West
R1 Topaz Single
Manao Smoker Funked Out
TEK-95 Digits WorldWideJuke vol.3
YTP Srsly?
EQ Why Perc 30 Juke Pack vol. 3
EQ Why Whip Shake Work Juke Pack vol. 3
Sherelle 160 Down the A406 160 Down the A406
Joe Koshin 160 Wois Per Minute Meet Me At Bandos
Unglued Total XTC Interplanetary Radio
Unglued Ichnusa Interplanetary Radio
Om Unit Sleepwalkers The Makahala VIP's
Kid Lib Wookie Worries DAT034
Kid Lib If the Rain The White Label EP
Loprofile Dame Lento Club Sweat Lj
Cherriep Ghost Back Up vol.3
Loprofile Mueve El Culo Club Sweat Lj
DJ Karawai Voiceless

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