The Plastic Pulse on Tue 8/3/21

Show #7: Friends

Artist Title Album New Local
22 Degree Halo Foam 22 Degree Halo
Kitchen Julie Julie - Single
Joyer Blistered Sun Into Flies
Tex Patrello Gary Yellow Curse - EP
Waveform* Painting Library
Fish Hunt Milk Staying Small
Dearly Somber Hate Dearly Somber/Harvey Waters - EP
Shelf Life Seth's New Shoes Camper
Pulsr Reflective Pool The Three - Single
Wyatt Smith Flat Earth Flat Earth - EP
Bug Eater Cyber Life 2018 Solar - Single
Melaina Kol Doom Face Eating Phantom Men
Clothesline From Hell Summer '16 (Remix) Something Nothing
Cooking Inside Cooking (With Gas)
Sunforger Switch Mono No Aware
MAH KEE OH Drip Dogfood
Teethe Off Top Teethe
Dead Sullivan Fall Season
Ylayali Read Yer Heart + Ride Magic Eye
Conor Lynch Ride 2.0 Fake
sundots Crazy Sundots and the Carpet Store
feeble little horse Modern Tourism Modern Tourism - EP
Hooky Scorpion Scorpion - Single
Bleary Eyed Spark Spark - Single
They Are Gutting a Body of Water Car Blanket The Kid From the Dream Who Called It a Body Hi - Single
Wednesday One More Last One Twin Plagues
Yung Sham Friends World of Color
Knifeplay Tears Pearlty
Moebius Contramio Tonspuren
Florry Kanagawa Brown Bunny
Peel Dream Magazine Shenandoah Modern Meta Physic

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