The Ghoul Disco on Mon 8/16/21


better luck with CD's today phew
*rec's: Blind Seagull, Provoker, Fotoform, Flesh of Morning (!!!), Whispering Sons (classic darkwave); nuetral mute, Computerwife, Pyramids (various post-punk); Bardo Pond, Blackwater Holyligtht (slow jams); The Red Scare (fun punk idk)

Artist Title Album New Local
Blind Seagull Connections Pressure
PBDY, Anika This State of Mine (Mind) Careworm
Alessandro Cortini CORRI SCURO CHARO
neutral mute King Killer (drug dub) ROC-SAC-ep
Provoker Spawn Kill Body Jumper
Nightspace Modern Survival Modern Survival
Rose McDowell Don't Fear the Reaper Cut with the Cake Knife
Magic Cobra Magic Cobra S/T
COPY Insideout Chosen Atmospheric Pieces
The Manhattan Transfer Twilight Zone/Twilight Tone Extensions
House of Yaweh, Lily Kolingser Glass Reality Moon's Toons vol. 1
AD: Key, Implant Alles Was Ich Will Alles Was Ich Will-Remixes
Roue danger! on fire Upward Heroic Movie
Fotoform If You Fall S/T
The Red Scare 12 Years Past Capillary Lockdown
Blackwater Holylight Around You
Flesh of Moaning I Pray Here in Heaven
Nick Sadler, Tobias Grave Autoluminescent
Rosegarden Funeral Party Once in Awhile Once in Awhile
Computerwife Cut it Out S/T
Neutronic K.O.S. Last Year's Product
Whispering Sons Heat Several Others
Pyramids Don't Go Human Beings EP
LoneLady Fear Colours Former Things
Sumerian Fleet Unfulfilled Desire Just Pressure
A.R. Kane Lollita
Bardo Pond Sit Sleep Volume 1
She Past Away Sanri Berlidi Grace

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
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beeps, boops, bangs, and everything ghoul-approved.
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