60 Minutes More or Less on Sat 7/31/21

Artist Title Album New Local
Helm Toxic Racecourse Chemical Flowers
Darkside Narrow Road Spiral
Ramleh Do Not Come Near Hole in the Heart
Dreamcrusher Mirror Katatonia
Jenny Hval Untamed Region Blood Bitch
sour spirit into the digital duss aluminum rainbow
Big Brave Wited Still and All... Vital
Divide and Dissolve, Minori Sanchiz-Fung Did You Have Something To Do With It Gaslit
Coil Fire of the Mind The Ape of Naples
Felicia Atkinson You Have to Have Eyes The Flower and the Vessel
Ilyas Ahmed, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Black Across White You Can See Your Own Way Home
Eyes of the Amaryllis Aleatoric Memory Eyes of the Amaryllis
Colin Stetson Among the Sef New History of Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light
Empath III+ III+

60 Minutes More or Less

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