The Ghoul Disco on Mon 8/23/21

It was gross out today but the weather's always perfect at the Ghoul Disco ;)

*rec's: Place to Bury, Z.P. APR, deep tan, Electric Peace, Pile (fun variations of guitar based post punkish); The Creator, Knightz of Bass, Xeno & Oaklander, Hard Cops, Flesh of Morning, Decius (proper DANC'in beats); DM (duh), Carmody, Fatamorgana, Circuit 7 (synthy bops) :-)

Artist Title Album New Local
A Place to Bury Strangers Playing the Part Hologram
Knightz of Bass In the Beginning Reborn
Old Moon Chains of Sleep Altars
The Creator Let There Be House n/a
The Other Colors, Marie Moor Anima Illumini
Depeche Mode Get the Balance Right Construction Time Again
Zero Percent APR Castle on a Cloud Gilgamesh II
Zero Percent APR Wet Chainmail Contest Gilgamesh II
Electric Peace Medieval Mosquito LP Came into Town
Activity Violent and Vivisect Unmask Whoever
deep tan do you ever ascend? creeping speedwells
Pile Leaning on a Wheel A Hairshirt of Purpose
Kohouetek Cosmic
Carmody Time's Under A Better Spider 1981-85
Xeno & Oaklander Poison
Death Hags Synthetic Nature Big Gray Sun #3
Geneva Jacuzzi It's Great Not to Care Human Head
Haunted Homes Coastghost2coast
Birds of Maya High Fly Valdez
Fatamorgana Mirar Terra Alta
Les Rallizes Denudes Night of the Assassins Heavier than a Death in the Family
Circuit 7 Beat Tonight Video Boys
Hard Cops Port Bonheur (Lucky Charm) New Wave Acid Punx Comp
The Fiery Furnaces Down at the So and So on So and Somewhere
Flesh of Morning Bodies Here in Heaven
Decius, Fat White Family, Johnny Aux Masculine Encounter Masculine Encounter EP
Tragic Age Redemption
Axis: Sova (Don't Wanna Have That) Dream

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