The Plastic Pulse on Tue 8/31/21

Show #10

Artist Title Album New Local
Horsecops Stray Cat Annie
Harvey Waters Apathy Dearly Somber / Harvey Waters - EP
Heatmiser Half Right Mic City Sons
Hovvdy True Love True Love
Chapterhouse Pearl (Edit) Whirlpool
Jackal Onasis The New Ron Big Deal Party
Hood Biochemistry Revision Can Wait Lee Fausts Million Piece Orchestra
Sam Prekop Showrooms Sam Prekop
Stereolab Double Rocker Sound-Dust
Two Lone Swordsmen Constant Reminder Tiny Reminders
Water From Your Eyes When You're Around Structure
Chris Weisman 20 Years Behind The Holy Life That's Coming
Sam Silbert Gus Down on Silverlake
King Missile Lou Mystical Shit & Fluting on the Hump
Jim Noir Look Around You Jim Noir
Arthur Russell Answers Me World of Echo
CE Schneider Topical Roadside H.O.X. Antifree
Nala Sinephro Space 3 Space 1.8
Lil Blizzard Lanx Lanx - Single
the carpet store Dinner In The Car Sundots and the Carpet Store
Gastr Del Sol Dictionary of Handwriting Mirror Repair - EP
Helvetia Dusty Rue The Clever North Wind
Sonny & the Sunsets I'm a Dog New Day With New Possibilities
Bunkbed Me or You Zum Audio, Vol. 2
Innovations Seabird Seabird - Single
Jake Tobin Torment Torment
The Iron Curtain Terror Story Desertion 1982-88
Sonny & the Sunsets Palm Reader New Day With New Possibilities
Mice Parade Waterslide Bem-Vinda Vontade
Lali Puna B-movie Faking the Books
Plaid Fer Not for Threes
I Am Robot and Proud Good Sleep The Electricity in Your House Wants to Sing

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