The Ghoul Disco on Mon 9/20/21

It's fall and that means it's time for TGD to SHINE. Goths can manage summer but dAnG is fall where it's AT. So enjoy and release your inner goth disco-goer

Happy 1 year to me! Thx for the listens :)

*rec's: EYE, NNHMN, Dearly Departure, C & Nun, Her Absence, Black Plastic (VERY good, OG electrogoth BeatS!); BRNDA (!!), Heiler U., Stuck, The Wants (fun/jangle post-punk); MorMor, Band Aparte (more guitar/dark post punk)

Artist Title Album New Local
EYE Undress Sabine
MorMor Don't Cry
BunnyDrums On the Surface On the Surface LP
BRNDA Avocado Do You Like Salt?
Poladroid The Last Wavejumper
DARKSIDE I'm the Echo Spiral
NNHMN Tomorrow's Heroine
Martin Gore, ANNA Howler-ANNA Remix The Third Chimpanzee Remixes
Big Country Flame of the West Steeltown
Ora the Molecule The Ball Human Safari
Band Aparte Culture Industry Spring/Summer EP No. 1 2021
Depeche Mode Shake the Disease LIVE at the Pasadena Rose Bowl 1988
Anika Sand Witches Change
Dearly Departure Words Unspoken (ft. Morticia ..) Genesis
Hellier Ulysses Sleeping Plant S/T
Cardinal & Nun Lost Dancing in the Evil
Astute Palate No Queen S/T
Her Absence Fills the World Dead Hands Part-Time Punk
Stuck Playpen of Dissent Content that Makes You Feel Good
Black Plastic Grotesque Club Grotesque
Ketseleh Marion Marion
The Wants Container Container
Ghost Culture Dead in the Disco

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