The Ghoul Disco on Mon 9/27/21

Hey there we are so close to the elite months of the year aka when halloween is acceptably celebrated

*rec's: BH (always); Public Practice, DeStructos, Nation of Language, Beige Banquet, Beak > (fun dance/synth post-punk); Vollny, FUNERAL DOOR (!!!) (dark synth post punk); Bad Waitress, Total Rubbish (lady led rock); Broken English Club, Reymour, Chino (Synthwave)

Artist Title Album New Local
The KVB The Disguise The Early Tapes
Soft Kill Cicero
Gnod Pink Champagne Blues
Boy harsher Run Lesser Man
CIVIC TV black moon black moon
LUMP. Laura Marling, Mike Lindsay Gamma Ray Animal
The Bulletss Just Another Crime
Total Rubbish What's Your Damage? What's Your Damage?
Machine Girl Athoth a Go Go!! ...Because I'm Young, Arrogant, and Hate Everything You Stand For
Public Practice Moon Gentle Grip
Nation of Language Indignitites Introduction, Please
Film School Superperfection
Vollny (In Russian) Track 7 Newest Albums (2021)
Bad Waitress Rabbit Hole No Taste
Funeral Door Night Stalker Count: Blood in, Blood out (Amor)
AA Sessions, paperflag, CLT DRP Something Unspoken *A bunch of new releases!
Liars My Pulse to Ponder The Apple Drop
Beak > Ah Yeh-Full Length Oh Know
Lips Heave Ho! I Don't Know Why I Do Anything
Milk Music Twists & Turns & Headtrips Mystic 1000's
Broken English Club Love Cuts Deeper White Rats III
DeStructos Dustclouds Blast!
Reymour Le flot de ces Mots Leviosa
Treeyboy & Arc The Condor Life Preserver
Chino Carabo Cruise Autostrada

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
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Monday 6-8pm
beeps, boops, bangs, and everything ghoul-approved.
Post-Punk etc...
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