60 Minutes More or Less on Sat 10/2/21

Artist Title Album
Lanark Artefax Corra Linn Corra Linn
Lee Gamble Newtown Got Folded A Million Pieces of You
Peder Mannerfelt Lucid in the Sky Life Without Friction
Donato Dozzy, Anna Caragno Parola - Rework Variations
Giant Swan Pax Britannica Whities 016
Lakker Maeslantkering Gating Struggle & Emerge
Basic House, Metrist Piethug'R'Us The World is Order, Incarnate
Helm Repellent Axis
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Emile Mosseri Moon In Your Eye I Could Be Your Dog (Prequel)
Kria Brekken Uterus Water Uterus Water
Kim Myhr, Jenny Hval, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra Seed In the End His Voice Will Be the Sound of Paper
Richard Youngs, Raul Refree Nil My Mind All Hands Around the Moment
Eartheater, LEYA Mint Angel Lust
claire rousay ilysm
John Coltrane Om

60 Minutes More or Less

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