Where's the (remote)? on Wed 10/13/21

Artist Title Album Label New Local
draag me BB Sleepin' Mixtape II
Body Meat Nairobi Flex Truck Music
Machine Girl Out By 16 (ACIDPUNKMIX) Gemini
live slower Invisible from the Outside The Delicate Rhythm of Bleeding Stars new (CT)
Witch Bomb Lost Moth Magic Star
Deerhoof The Moose's Daughter Holdypaws
Christlike Affirmations 3.1
Califone Pink and Sour s/t
Good Doom Veggie Phone single new
acid freek ga††aca ii new
Empath Born 100 Times single
Helvetia Rose City Park Helvetia Presents Sudden Hex
Birdskin Seven Years Basement
Weyndt Evil Taker
Bad History Month Deep Bright Future sply w/ nyxy nyx
Orans Windfall 7"
The Springfields Sunflower Strum & Thum comp
Pet Shimmers Imber Imber
Cafe Racer Time Killer Touchstone single new
Water From Your Eyes My Love's Structure
Long Fin Killie (A) Man Ray Houdini
Suicide Dream Baby Dream - Long Version Dream Baby Dream EP

Where's the (remote)?

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