Post-This Post-That Radio covered by Alina on Wed 10/20/21

Rat music for rat people

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Alice Coltrane My Favorite Things World Galaxy ABC
Letha Rodman Melchior Southern Highlands Shimmering Ghost Siltbreeze
Marie Vermont Allmende Huia Beach Buddies
Galactapus Walking the Troll I Intend to Stay
No Friends Band Lie Machine/Another Day in the Dream Museum To All My Friends Baggage Claim
Nolan Potter One Eye Flees Aquapolis Music is Dead Castle Face
Wipers Return of the Rat Is This Real Park Avenue
Rats of Unusual Size Summertime Blues Ratzilla Vital Music
X Ray Spex I Can't Do Anything Germ Free Adolescents Artificial
The Rats Nightline Intermittent Signals Whizeagle Records
Rat at Rat R ‎ Plague Amer$ide Rock and Roll Is Dead Long Live Rat At Rat R Neutral
Syd Barrett Rats Barrett Harvest
Steve Gunn Other You Other You Matador
Mild High Club I Don't Mind the Wait Going Going Gone Stones Throw
Deerhoof Plant Thief Actually You Can Joyful Noise
Patti Seperate/Operate Bad Back Erste Theke
Sunburned Hand of the Man Red Cross Covered In Mud Manhand
Headroom Rubber Match 7" Petty Bunco
Long Hots Boogie Trance Monday Night Raw
Honey Radar Kangaroo Court Bonus Snow Chunklet

Post-This Post-That

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