Where's the (remote)? on Wed 11/10/21

background music provided by: https://liveslower.bandcamp.com/album/funeral-in-the-sky

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Spellbinder Brother Heavenhouse
22 degree halo Wranglers in Blue Garden Bed new
Shelf Life Go Long Nothing Rhymes with Rock and Roll new
Michael Hurley Open Up Armchair Boogie
Songs Ohia Baby Take a Look The Lioness
MAH KEE OH Twist Dogfood
Jane Weaver Flock Heaven on Fire (various artists) Fire Records
bolomite jr By the pool HASTE
Antena Seaside Weekend Camino Del Sol
Red Sea Refresh Sugar & Spice
null Falout demos
JOBS Brian Endless Birthdays
Witch Bomb Wanna Kno Magic Star
Slovenly This is the Big Tree Thinking of Empire
Tombstones in Their Eyes I Can Hurt All The Time Looking For a Light
The Fall Hit the North Part 1 The Frenz Experiment
Maneka Holy Hell Devin
Ganger Blaufest Oh, Merge comp Merge Records
Deerhoof Criminals of the Dream The Magic
Parannoul Analog Sentimentalism To See the Next Part of the Dream Ryce's pick!
Hey, ily! DigitalLung.EXE Digital Underground Ryce's pick!
Oragami Angel 24 Hr Drive-Thru Somewhere City
The Wake Sail Through Here Comes Everybody
Permanent Collection Let it Go Delirium

Where's the (remote)?

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